Diane Jean-Mary
Diane Jean-Mary
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When we include marginalized perspectives in our movies, shows and media, we have an opportunity to transport viewers into lives they've never lived, an experience that can transform societal biases. 


My mission is to humanize and preserve the stories of communities most often left out of our recorded narratives.

film stories

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Keeping CROWN HEIGHTS, documentary, Director

In production, 2018

An exploration of the transforming Crown Heights community through the lens of those who call it home. This project seeks to preserve the legacy and history of this neighborhood, while grappling with the gentrification that is rapidly underway today. 

Themes: Gentrification, History, Immigration, Housing, Community, Placekeeping  


cROWN rOYALE, narrative Web series, Director/co-wRITER

In development, 2018

When Emmy Carrero discovers that her family business is in danger of being priced out by newcomers, she forms an unlikely partnership with tastemakers to save her neighborhood from becoming a gentrified wasteland.


Themes: Gentrification, Economic & Social Inequality/Mobility, Connection, Alienation 

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admittance, Narrative Short, Director/CO-Writer/Co-pRODUCER

In competition, 2017-2018

When an overprotective Caribbean mother discovers that her Caribbean-American daughter has hidden an acceptance letter to a college on the other side of the country, she is forced to reconsider her relationship with her daughter or ruin it for good.


Themes: Immigration, Caribbean Culture, Education


The Beggar, eXPERIMENTAL Short, Director/Writer

Student Film, 2013

Set in Prague, Czech Republic, The Beggar is an experimental exploration of two men suffering from homelessness in the heart of Bavaria. The film pits the fictionalized story of an immigrant beggar in dialogue with the real account of housing insecurity as told by the city's homeless tour guide agency, Pragulic


Themes: Homelessness, Tourism, Civic Responsibility, Moral Philosophy