Diane Jean-Mary
Diane Jean-Mary
let's tell some stories
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I'm Diane, a filmmaker and strategist based in Brooklyn, NY.

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the art & science of storytelling

What do film and data have in common?

They both rely on the ability to capture and communicate compelling stories.

My job is to find the hidden narratives in our shared world. As a filmmaker, I create content that sheds light on underserved communities. As a data strategist, I construct meaning from the many fragments of insight that people leave behind as they interact with an increasingly digital landscape.

The ART of filmmaking

Stories that normalize the experiences of marginalized people can shape a more tolerant society, while also magnifying the voices of  unheard communities. 

The Science of data

Humans generated 90% of the world's data in the last two years alone - yet only 0.5% of that data has ever been analyzed.