Portrait by  Ashley Landgraf

Portrait by Ashley Landgraf

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I'm Diane, a Caribbean American writer, director and strategist based in Brooklyn, NY. 

I first learned of the power of stories as a 14-year-old fellow of Hofstra University's Documenting Diversity workshop. For a summer, I followed my Pakistani American subject through her daily life and she followed me through mine as we made short documentary films about one another. This experience taught me that stories can be a tool for understanding and confronting biases. The social change storytelling mindset is still core to my work. I write and direct films that debunk societal stereotypes, and I develop strategies that equip mission-driven organizations in their aims to build a more just and inclusive world. 

I currently lead the Strategy & Innovation practice at LaPlaca Cohen,  a strategy, marketing and design firm for the cultural and creative sector.  Through my role, I work with mission-driven organizations to help them magnify their impact through strategy, research, innovation, and visioning for the future. Prior to joining LaPlaca Cohen, I was the subject matter expert for video streaming analytics and strategy at Sony Music Entertainment, and a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.

My education is an interdisciplinary mix of Economics, International Studies, and Filmmaking.  I earned a B.A. in Hispanic Studies-Economics from Columbia University, with a focus in socioeconomic inequality and film. I hold professional certifications in International Business (Georgetown University) and Narrative Filmmaking (FAMU Film School of Prague).

I am a strong believer in finding tribes that make us stronger. I am a proud and active member of FilmShop, CrowHill CrossFit, New York Road Runners,  Ghetto Film School and Harvard Business School SVMP

I'm currently: