Diane Jean-Mary
Diane Jean-Mary
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Data is a record of the stories we tell each day.

When we type keywords into a search engine, hit the replay button on a song, or share a social meme with friends, we leave behind a digital footprint of who we are. Every data point is a reflection of our values, interests and needs. 


data stories

Top data insights from my work in 2017: 


  1. Consumers are finally seeing the value of paying for music. The global music industry had its first year of revenue growth in 2017, following decades of piracy
  2. Mass consumers access music via streaming, but superfans want a physical tie to their artists (e.g. live/experiential shows and vinyl)
  3. Want to persuade consumers to pay for music streaming? Offer a 90 day promotional trial, twice per year
  4. The success of Despacito created a mass crossover craze for Latin content in virtually every country in the world
  5. Music video streams globally outnumber audio streams 2 to 1

Film & Video:

  1.  Inclusion is the future: the number of people of color seeking careers in film and video doubled in 2017
  2. If a viewer makes it to the end of your video, they are more likely to buy your product or service, regardless of consumer income level
  3. Viewers lean toward short-form content, with average watch time at 3:20
  4. Spanish speaking countries consume 3x more video content than English speaking countries
  5. Nearly 60% of all video consumption on YouTube happens on mobile, but viewers still prefer to watch long-form content on big screens  

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Savvy organizations invest in data strategies to better serve their consumer.

My data strategy and analysis work spans a wide range of corporations and nonprofits alike.